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Preferred Pronoun: He/him.

Age: 41

Location: SW Minneapolis

aQ Fit Lab member since: February 2019

What’s your athletic/fitness background?: I played the typical soccer, basketball, and baseball growing up. In college I transitioned to more individual sports like mountain biking, snowboarding, and Crossfit.

What brought you to the aQ Fit Lab? Do you remember your first workout and what you thought of it?: I live close by and heard that one of my past Crossfit coaches was opening a HIIT gym so I decided to try it out. I can’t remember what the first workout was but I do remember I was very happy with it and would definitely become a member.

What’s been the biggest change physically and mentally for you since joining aQ Fit Lab?: I had my left wrist surgically reconstructed last November. Not having enough range of motion to do some basic exercises has been frustrating. It’s about 50% right now but slowly getting better with every workout and PT appointment.

Do you have a favorite exercise/workout/training style? If so, what is it?: I like dumbbell snatches and pretty much any kettlebell exercises.

How about your least favorite exercise/workout?: Thrusters!

When did you know aQ Fit Lab was the gym for you?: I knew AQ for me right away but it became more clear after consecutive days of working out. I would get sore but never have any lingering joint pain like I used to get.

What does being “strong/fit” mean to you?: To be strong is to be motivated, responsible, and to be able to cope with anything unexpected.

How do you spend your days when you’re not at the gym?: I like to get outdoors as much as possible whether it’s to exercise or just chill out. Lately my outdoor time consists of chasing around my 18 month old daughter.

What do you think people would be surprised to know about you? Any secret/hidden talents?: I can drive or fly almost anything with a motor.

What’s your favorite post-workout meal?: If timing is right I like to have a grilled chicken salad, otherwise I’ll try and grab some fruit if I’m on the run.

What are your three main fitness goals?: To stay consistent going to the gym, try to eat well, and to never have to buy a larger size of clothing again.