How to Work Out When You’re Traveling

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Traveling can throw a wrench in your fitness routine. The treadmill in the hotel fitness facility dates to Medieval times. The closest gym to your in-laws house is 15 miles away. Or you don’t have a full hour to spare between your networking breakfast and your flight back to Minneapolis.


But if you’ve got some space to move and a few minutes to shower, there are simply no excuses. Clear a space on the floor or get outside if you can. These bodyweight workouts can be done solo or mixed-and-matched (kinda like a hotel buffet!). So put on some gym shorts and get sweating with one of these 7 options.


  • 250 Air Squats, for time
  • 5 rounds: 3 Tuck Jumps, 3 Squats, 3 Broad Jumps
  • Run 1 mile, lunging 30 steps after every minute
  • Alternate Squats and Pushups, 21 reps, 15 reps, 9 reps
  • 6 rounds: 10 Pushups, 10 Air Squats, 10 Situps
  • Do 10 Burpees + 10 Situps, subtract one rep and repeat down to 1 rep
  • 25 Jumping Squats, for time
  • AMRAP in 20 minutes: 5 Pushups, 10 Situps, 15 Squats
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