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A former CrossFit coach, Elyeen Braaten recently joined the AQ Team. Here’s the 411 on how she got into fitness—and what she considers her greatest achievement so far. (Hint: It isn’t something she did herself.) 


What’s your fitness background?
I fell in love with the endorphin rush that comes with an intense workout after having kids 11 years ago. It was the most rewarding way to get some time to myself! My first serious fitness commitment was to CrossFit, where I was an individual and team competitor. But I have turned into something of fitness chameleon: I’ve done group fitness, hot yoga, and was even a serious runner for a brief period of time. I strongly believe in the power of challenging yourself physically and mentally in some way, everyday day. It’s transformative. It makes you better prepared for whatever life may bring. 

How did you get connected with AQ?

I live close to the studio and came to a class shortly after AQ opened. I was impressed by the variety and fun of the workout! The format of the class was completely accessible but each person could make it their own. I knew I wanted to be a part of the great community that was growing at AQ Fit Lab!

Any significant athletic achievements on your resume?

I have run numerous half marathons and participated in 20+ CrossFit competitions and other fun fitness events. My favorite achievement wasn’t even my own: It was high-fiving my 10-year-old when he finished his first kids’ triathlon. Instilling a love of fitness in my kids makes me feel accomplished. 

How do you spend your time when you’re not working out?

I have three kids, ages 10, 9, and 7, so I drive them around. A lot. I also work for an amazing nonprofit that creates choirs for people living with Alzheimer’s. When I’m not occupied with those things, I like spending time with my husband. We try to remember what we used to do before we had three kids.

What do you like about AQ?

Aside from the awesome workouts? I love the people and the stories they bring with them to every workout. It’s not the “Hey, guess where I went or what I did over the weekend” story, but the story of their ongoing growth and fitness achievements. I love celebrating the accomplishments of the AQ community.

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