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Amanda Woodhull grew up in a competitive environment. “My brother did every single sport,” she says. “I wanted to be just like him.” She played baseball and basketball, participated in golf and gymnastics. You won’t be surprised to discover why she competes in CrossFit and coaches at AQ: “I’m super competitive so working out is a great way to harness that side of me,” she confesses.

Amanda has a career as a nurse practitioner and loves to travel. Here’s what else you need to know about her.


What are the highlights of your fitness life?

I was a competitive gymnast from age 5 to 22. After college, I became a runner for about 4 years. I’ve run a few half marathons, as well as some 10 miles races. A few years ago, I started doing CrossFit and fell in love with group training aspect! I’ve done 3 CrossFit competitions and have another coming up in December.


Is there anything you can’t do?

Cross-country skiing. I love downhill but for some reason I have trouble with cross-country skiing

My ankles are very flimsy. I really struggle with it.

What are your other interests?

I like to golf and spending time on the lake. I love ice cream, especially anything with chocolate and peanut butter. I’m always looking for the best ice cream joints. And I’m obsessed with travel. I wish I could spend all my time outdoors hiking, camping, or downhill skiing.


Where have you traveled?

I try to travel outside the United States at least once a year. I’ve been to Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, the UK, Tanzania, Vietnam, the Netherlands, all over. I once did a safari in South Africa: being three feet away from a lion is just really cool! I want to go back to the Swiss Alps. I love new cultures and experiences and seeing how other people live their lives.

What do you like about AQ, its members and the workouts?
AQ is just an awesome full body workout. I always feel so satisfied when I’m done with the workout. It’s also great being with a group of like-minded people. The members are fun to be around. As a 6 am coach, it’s nice to see them smiling when they walk in so early. They are eager to work hard and don’t complain!

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